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S.B.THREE3 ENTERTAINMENT & Music Group, LLC. Presents:                       F.Q "F DOT Q" Da' Queen

Stage Name: F.Q "FDOTQ" Da' Queen or F.Queezy .. A.K.A. Freestyle Queen B.K.A. Mrz. XY+85=HIPHOP'SPROBLEM

From: Detroit, MI / 12th Street & Taylor St.

Born To: Carol Jackson & Wayne Johns at Sinai Hospital

F.Q was born and raised on the East and West sides of Detroit, Michigan. Her interest in music started with gospel and has always been a big influence on her life. The rhythms of the music filled her head and when she was a child would use her lunchbox to make the beats that played inside her. Elementary to high school, she would perform in all her school and local talent shows and became a rap battle veteran battling after school on the playgrounds and on the local street corners honoring her skills. 

Hip-Hop and other music defined her like many others in her generation and acts as the soundtrack to her life, pushing her forward into the world where she tries to express the wisdom that she has learned and lived in her verses. Along with her musical idols are her personal idols which inspire her daily. 

Her favorite role model is Oprah Winfrey because she took her interest in communications and people and created a billion dollar business. “I find her courage to come from nothing to a woman of influence inspiring and aspire to the same kind of greatness in my life and with my music. I want to be able to use my music as a positive message to my community, to the world, and all of its people.”

F.Q says her life motto is “BE CREATIVE LIKE HOW YOU ALREADY ARE!” She says that everyone needs to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams. Greatness takes vision that so many people are too afraid to imagine. She says she never forgets to imagine greatness for herself and the world around her. 

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